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Random Wednesday Musings v. 1

*When other people don’t turn their cell phones to silent in the office, it bothers me.  It especially bothers me when they leave them at their desks and walk away.  But while I sit and listen to it ring, I think: why did that person choose that ringtone?  Was that the default one or did they choose it?  Was that the best one they could find?  Were they too lazy to search for another?  Maybe they actually paid money for it.  Maybe they just changed the ringtone, and they forgot that it was theirs and are also wondering whose cell phone is ringing.  And when the tone is song that plays very loudly, like “Oh, Mickey, you’re so fine, you’re so fine…” or it’s the chipmunks singing Christmas songs, I have to see who it is.  Hello headphones.

*Getting up early and going to work when the rest of my family gets to stay home on vacation is just plain wrong.  There I said it.  I’m not as mature as I claim to be. 

Then I took our M1 adjustment, combined it with our 108b adjustment...

*I don’t know what you have heard, but working on taxes is boring.  Pretending to be interested in them is a lot of work; as is pretending to be interested in what tax people are saying. 

*Crisp rice in granola is a waste of space.  When I buy expensive granola, I don’t want filler. 

*Sometimes I wonder why I work so hard to stay sane.  I mean living in padded rooms, coloring all day, watching TV, and taking drugs are what some people do anyway.  Well, maybe the padded rooms aren’t so much a popular choice.  But, seriously, doesn’t it seem like a simple life?  Maybe I’m missing an important reason of why being crazy is bad.

*My husband said yesterday he met a guy that reminded him of Jack Black, was named

Hello. Just call me Octavius

Octavius, and quoted the movie Sling Blade.  Was anyone else’s interest piqued? 

Anywho, back to the taxes,

Dame Iron Fury