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Late Breaking News

This just in… My computer sucks.

That is all.

Thank you for your attention and your regularly scheduled program will resume after these messages.

Dame Iron Fury


Hello world!

The VMA’s are drawing to a close, and we finally have our site up. It only took us all FREAKING weekend to come up with our name. No thanks to Jensen’s hotness for distracting us. (DAMN you, Jensen! Oh, and you too, Ugly.) It’s been a fun weekend, considering we both now sound like smokers with hangovers. (No drinking or smoking happened this weekend.)

Our blog is just a newborn, and is going to get all of our attention for quite a while. Stick with us, we promise to grow out of the “face only a mother could love” stage into the “face everyone lusts after” stage.

Newborn Blog

We would like to thank our boys, only a little bit, for cooperating with our need for writing time. Thanks, Drake, for suggesting this, and , Tex, for shopping for our groceries and buying us evil Sweet Life pastries. We would also like to thank our dearest Ladybug, who could not be with us all weekend, but whose spirit will live on and on in our hearts. (She’s not really dead, just not here.)

We will accept these VMA awards with humility and promise to use our powers only for good, well, maybe just a little evil now and again.


Sister Screeching Viper and Dame Iron Fury