Here are some interesting things about me, Dame Iron Fury:

*I was featured in the city’s newspaper in pre-school as Little Miss Muffet.

*I caught my first and only pop fly in T-Ball while in Kindergarten.

*I met my first boyfriend in 1st grade and refused to marry him, even though he promised to give me his really cool alarm clock.

*Published my first short story in the school newsletter in 2nd grade about a big bug named Chris.

*Dad lost his job also in 2nd grade and we moved in with his sister for a few months.  After a blow up fight with them at a breakfast, our family packed up the car and drove out to Oregon.

*Met the man that I would marry 11 years later in 3rd grade.

*In 4th grade I thought my best friend died, but she only fainted.

*I met my only surviving Grandfather once in 5th grade and a month later he passed way from complications from foot surgery.

*6th-8th grades were horrible and humiliating.

*My second boyfriend turned out to be not interested in girls and I subsequently lost interest in high school boys. 

*I graduated 8th in my class in high school. 

*I started and didn’t finish college.

*I married my best friend who is 15 years older than I am.

*I almost bled to death after giving birth to my daughter.

*I founded the League of Wicked Women, or LOWW, in 2008.

*Even though people throughout my life have told me that all of the major calamities in history are my fault, I don’t think they are right.  Only some of them are my fault.

*By day, I help small children and animals and by night I plot to take over the world.


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