Speak Up, Man!

I'm going to keep smiling and pretend I heard you.

I’m sitting at my desk, minding my own business, when a co-worker pops into my office.  I know that he’s a casual acquaintance (ie: baby friend) and that it will just be a funny conversation (or creepy) so I don’t prep myself to actually portray intelligence.  The only problem is, when he opens his mouth, I see his lips moving but I can’t hear anything coming out of his mouth.  Since the confused look on my face doesn’t seem to tip him off that I didn’t understand, I utter my natural response, “what?”  To which he responds in the same manner.  I don’t want to ask again so I just smile and nod, he returns the smile and leaves.  Sigh.

This causes me to pose a few questions to myself: have I been to one too many rock concerts or was he just talking too softly?  Should I have come right out and said that I couldn’t hear him?  Perhaps he was going to say something creepy again, so maybe I should just thank my lucky stars that I didn’t hear him.     

The moment has passed anyway and whatever he was talking about probably doesn’t matter anymore.  Or what if it does?  Maybe he was telling me that the Grey Aliens have

Take me to your probing!

landed on the front lawn and they are asking everyone to line up for their turn to be probed.  Perhaps he came by to remind me that my husband’s belt and shoes don’t match.  Or maybe, just maybe he came by to tell me that my cube wall is crooked, yet again. 

In my logical Spock-like manner, I have decided that if it was actually important, he would have spoken more loudly. 

Logic dictates that you're a creeper.

Therefore, logic dictates that he was saying something stupid that doesn’t matter (I need to speak frankly since Spock is incapable of lying.)  If there are Grey Aliens outside or even green, pink, or vermillion, they will just need to wait until I’m done posting this blog. 

Live long and prosper,

Dame Iron Fury


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